Educated people are better able to respond to health needs of their families and contribute to the well being of their communities. But the foundations of such life skills are largely set at school.

Good health supports successful learning as much as successful learning supports health. Research again indicates that healthy children:

  • have higher daily school attendance
  • learn better
  • take full advantage of every opportunity to learn and thus achieve higher academic excellence tend to maximise social relationships and interactions at school and at home , thus improving their chances of balanced development.

Education increases children's opportunities to keep healthy. Acquisition of health related knowledge, attitudes, skills and practices empower children to:


  • Pursue a healthy life, now and in the future.
  • Work as agents of change for the improved health for their families and communities.
  • Gain self reliance, develop positive self esteem and self assertiveness which enable them to cope with the pressures of a socio-culturally diverse and highly competitive world.
  • Families also benefit by the vast pool of health information and skills that the child brings home from school, which can be used to improve knowledge, practices and conditions at home.
  • Communities gain by acquiring increased awareness of health problems and their solutions through their involvement in school activities and community health projects.




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